When one of the members of the family is sick or recovers after a heavy illness, it is frequently necessary to ask for nurses' services, person's who will take care of the patient all day and night or at any certain time. Such help can be rendered by the nurse temporarily living with the patient, or coming on watches. A huge majority of people believe that every woman is a nurse by nature. Actually, most of women do not even know the alphabet how to take care of patients. Taking care of sick people is a tough job; especial in the psychological aspect. When siblings leave the house, the patient remains alone with his illness. It is also very important to know what person will enter your house. The age of the nurse, her optimism, experience in talks with sick people and an easy-going character will help the patient to recover faster. Illness is a serious thing, and it is inexcusable to have a thoughtless attitude towards it. But the most important in this sphere is the necessity to love the work of taking care of patients, in other case it is better to choose another profession.

Age: from 20-60
Education: middle medical or higher medical.
Duties of the nurse:
• supervision over a condition of the patient,
• performance of assignments of doctors
• preparing food and feeding of the patient if necessary

Hygienic care of the patient:
• change of linen
• submit of vessels
• washing away
• doing bandaging and injections
• carrying out a complex of physiotherapy and respiratory exercises, massage (in case of necessity)
• cleaning the patient's premise (room).
Service Cost: Per day 3000-7000 AMD
Per month 60.000-120.000 AMD

5% tourism growth expected in Armenia in 2010
Despite the crisis, Armenian tourism industry managed to keep afloat.

Events aimed to facilitate tourism in the country, provide networking
opportunities and exchange experience in tourism industry kicked off
in Armenia on May 13. During 10 days, guests from neighbor states will
have an opportunity to get familiarized with the Armenian culture and
ethnic flavor of the country of `speaking stones.'

May 15, 2010

The events initiated by the National Competitiveness Foundation of
Armenia, the USAID-funded Competitive Armenian Private Sector (CAPS)
Project in partnership with the RA Ministry of Economy brought
together representatives of tourism industry, educational
establishments, hotels and restaurants, as well as experts and
journalists from Armenia, Georgia, Turkey and other countries.

The 4th Armenian Tourism Competitiveness Conference, CTS2010
International Annual Tourism Fair, as well as presentation of Italian
Polaris guide on Armenia are organized. Besides, the agenda includes
thematic seminars and courses for local and regional tour operators,
as well as discussions with participation of Armenian parliament
members and representatives of relevant ministries.

The Turkish delegation led by Chairman of Van Chamber of Commerce and
Industry Zahir Kandasoglu includes businessmen and representatives 13
travel agencies.

`Van is actively working towards opening of the Armenian-Turkish
border,' Mr. Kandasoglu said before signing a memorandum of
cooperation between Yerevan and Van Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

He also invited Armenian entrepreneurs and journalists to Van to
participate in the first service over the past 95 years that will take
place in renovated Holy Cross in Akhtamar island on September 12,

Armenia has been developing tourism industry during the past years.
According to the head of Tourism and Economic Development Department
at the RA Economy Ministry, Mr. Mekhak Apresyan, 5% tourism growth is
envisaged in Armenia this year. In 2010 first quarter, 93 thousand
tourists visited Armenia, exceeding lat year's data by 9,4%.

The tourists are mostly middle-aged people, who prefer to visit Garni,
Geghard and Khor Virap. Despite the crisis, Armenian tourism industry
managed to keep afloat due to correct governmental policy. To promote
local tourism, the government took best efforts to raise awareness
about Armenia though international TV companies, introductory visits
and other events.

However, there are still problems to be addressed: transport
infrastructure, preservation of historical monuments, service quality
and others. To make the field highly competitive, a task-oriented
governmental policy and huge investments are needed.

Victoria Araratyan / PanARMENIAN News

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